How to Detect Water Leaks

Closeup of a sink S Trap made of white PVC plastic with a broken

Water leak detection is achievable in many ways. If you’re aware that you are utilizing more water than you expected upon receiving you water bill, you might need to check to make sure there isn’t any water leaks on your property. A water leak is liable to happen in numerous zones of your property such as faucets, toilets pool filters, and also sprinkler systems. Finding a leak is regularly an entirely troublesome procedure in the event that it isn’t in the more evident territories, so in case you are encountering challenges in identifying a leak, it is advisable to ask the services of a licensed water heater repair Gold Canyon AZ service provider.

The following are a portion of the main areas to inspect for the water leaks:


The toilet is the most common area for a leak to be identified in the home. If ever you do trust that you are encountering a leaked toilet, you might need to endeavor a fundamental test of putting maybe a couple drops of food color into the tank and hold up five minutes or somewhere in the vicinity. Now if after that time the color is seen in your toilet bowl then this is prone to show that there is an issue with a leaky flapper. A further indication of a defective toilet is the sound of steady running water.

Faucets –

Inspect your faucets for any indications of leaks. Inspect the kitchen as well as bathroom if there are any wet areas under the sinks. In case you see wet spots then this is sure to demonstrate that there’s a leak which ought to be repaired and soon as could reasonably be expected to abstain from making damage in your area.

Home Exterior

It’s really a difficult process to search for any water leaks outside your home. One region that is regularly observed to be the route of squandering water is the sprinkler system. A sprinkler head tends to break after delayed use and this can bring about an over the top water leak. You must update or repair your sprinkler system to resolve such issue.

Swimming Pools

Another area that is liable to be a typical hot spot for water leaks outside identifies with the swimming pool. A failing filter system is sure to be the reason for an extremely critical leak. If you found out that your swimming pool acquires leaks, you should then hire an expert leak repair Gold Canyon AZ service provider to repair the damages.


Water Heat Repair: A Guide


Water heaters cannot last for a lifetime, that’s for sure. Once the leaks start, that may prove to be a big problem. You can always replace them with a new one; however, if you can’t purchase one at the moment, you can at least repair the water heater leak for the mean time. You may also contact a water heater service Gold Canyon AZ at this link.

Not all water heaters can be repaired, however. Depending on the degree of leakage, you can either replace or repair your heater. Below are some steps on how to repair water heater leaks:

1. Assessment.

Firstly, assess the degree of the leak. See if it only needs a quick, tiny repair or a full replacement. More often than not, these are lined with protective surface such as glass; hence, sometimes, it is not possible to easily replace a leak.

Examine the leak and assess where it is coming from. It is a good sign if it is not coming from the tank; this only means the problem is the piping or fittings connected to the tank, which is, in most case, repairable.

2. Checking.

Try and check the pressure valve. Most of the time, leaks can come from the pressure valve. Once you examine the tank, there will be a fitting attached on the side of the tank which is somewhat odd. At the top of the tank, there is a small handle which is for manual operation. Next to it is the valve. If it is indeed leaking, it has to be replaced.

3. Work.

Before this, turn off the power first. Subsequently, shut the water from coming in and out. Look for the sillcock valve, and then attach a hose to it. That particular valve is fixated at the bottom of the tank. Try and let the water go out from the tank. Try letting the pressure from the sillcock go by opening it. Empty the tank, and then detach the piping.

4. Fixing.

After you have gained knowledge of the problem, you may now fix the leaks. Depending on the degree of the leak, you can reseal fitting or piping or you can tighten them. There are tools available like pipe wrench so that you can properly tighten them.
Once you are done, assemble the parts back to its original form.

5. Test.

After you’re done, reassembling them you may close the sillcock. Open the valve, and let the hot water go out; then, slowly open the valve to let cold water go in. If you see no more leaks, then you’ve successfully repaired your water heater.

Doing this repair can save you money, but it is limited to leaks which are actually repairable. It would also be a good idea to hire a Drain Specialist Gold Canyon AZ.

What Your Local Professional Plumbers Can Do For You


It is your local plumbers who have the knowledge in keeping your plumbing system in perfect shape. If there is a probable problem in your plumbing system then professional plumbers can give you the service that is totally worth it.

In reality, nobody minds about their plumbing system unless until something went wrong. Usual problems are clogged drains, back flow testing system, burst pipes, etc. These damages though can cause your property to be damage including your appliances and most probably can cause health issues within your family. If you notice problems like, discolored or bad tasting water, weak water flow, unusually high water bills, clogged drains and toilets that are not flushing then it’s time to call for some professional help.

Your sewer specialist Gold Canyon AZ will ensure you of the craftsmanship needed to get the job done. They will also remove all the risk and damage that may incur if you opt to go for amateur help. Here is the variety of services that your local professional plumber can give.

Leak Detection

Professional plumbers use methods like video pipe inspection and hydro-static leak detection. These will help them detect ad locate the source of the leaks well as its severity. Using these methods will prevent major excavations in walls and flooring just to see the cause of the problem.

Rooter Service

Clumps of hair and foreign objects are the major cause of clogged pipes. Usual over the counter clogged draining products sometimes don’t work. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, uses a device called a rooter snake. Plumbers use this device straight into your draining system in order to the clog and dislodge the cause of the blockage.

Repair of water main service and sewer lines

Any cracked or burst sewer pipe is a major stinky situation. Professional plumbers use leak detection system, this will locate the source of the broken pipe. The plumber will then replace and repair the broken section of the pipeline. Plumbers also maintain pipes from grease build up.

Installation and repair of water heaters

Just like any other appliances, your water heater will sometimes stall which will make your dishwasher, shower and washing machines ineffective. The usual cause of this problem are degraded anode rods and your local professional plumber can replace it for you. They will also repair broken valves and lines. Your local plumber can also recommend replacement units as well as installation in case you water heater is beyond repair.

Your local leak specialist Gold Canyon AZ can perform a handful of services. Don’t hesitate to call and inquire in case you notice some problems within your plumbing system. Always be on top of your homes maintenance and repair for you to have a peace mind and a happier home.